Friday, March 30, 2007


Yesterday we had our first test of sleeping 5 in the cottage. There is plenty of room downstairs, but I had always thought that 5 adults would be a little too tight upstairs. So when this group booked last week I warned them that it would be a little squashed...... but they really wanted to come and were happy with that. In fact this morning they said it had been no problem at all and that we could fit even more if we wanted to. I guess that is one benefit of using futons rather than beds!
Now that we are starting to get used to having guests things seem to go very smoothly. The kids don't get so excited and therefore don't go crazy all the time and making meals is getting easier and easier. Last night we had lasagne, foccacio, salad and roast veges - with pavlova of course (I really have to buy a proper mixer so I don't have to stand there with the hand-held mixer for 15 minutes each time!). The 5 ladies who stayed last night are all doing similar things in a town close by and they seemed impressed with the way we do things - eg just using one big plate to eat off rather than the 25 million small plates that Japanese people use each time, having bread and fruit for breakfast etc. I think if people are to continue inviting people into their homes to stay they need to keep looking for ways to make it easy on themselves.
This morning we also did some baking together and yet again I wished I had a little corner with goods to sell.... the things that I know I could sell every time now include - 12 hole muffin tins, mini-muffin tins, egg beaters, graters (the square type), cooking spray, chelsea brown sugar etc. etc....... If any one has a contact in the kitchen-goods industry please let me know!

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