Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another rainy day

There is a really twitty lady who is on TV a lot lately who is famous for getting people to throw out all the things they don't need and really get their houses into a state of complete organisation. Some of her suggestions like blindfolding soft toys when you throw them out so they don't know what is happening to them or saying thank you to the clothes you are about to throw out so that they won't feel bad about leaving the house in a rubbish bag just make me laugh. Most of her other suggestions make me think she has far too much time on her hands and that her house must be so sterile and empty that you would be scared you might leave a stray hair on the floor and ruin the balance.
Her big thing is organising your clothes. She was on TV again last night showing her special way of folding clothes so they stand up in the drawers by themselves, take up a lot less space than if they are folded in the normal way and also allows you to see all your clothes when you open your drawers rather than only seeing the clothes on the top. It looked like a huge amount of time would be needed and that it would be a pain in the bum to do, but.... it was rainy today and I decided to give it a go - first all my clothes, then some of my husbands, then all my daughter's clothes and then all of my son's clothes. I haven't gone as far as putting them in colour order, (like she suggests.....) but I would have to say that it was extremely fast and really does make a huge difference. Perhaps this year I will actually wear more than the top clothes on each pile!
And then of course she has a big thing about throwing all the clothes out that you will never wear... sensible of course, but not always easy! I managed to really get rid of my old clothes and have big piles of the kids old clothes. My daughter has zillions of hand-me-down clothes that she has been given, but never really fitted (she is a bit bigger than your average 11 year old) so I have sorted them into big bags of different sizes. If anyone in Japan wants a potluck bag of girls clothes in size 130, 140, 150 or 160 drop me a line and tell me which size you want and I will send them on to you. There is a real mix of summer and winter stuff, but I don't have time to do anymore sorting so if you want them you will get the lot.... then you can deal with getting rid of those you don't want!
Now if I could just get my husband to be realistic about the fact that if he hasn't worn things for 15 years he is not likely to wear them ever again we might have a lot more room in our wardrobes!


  1. She usually drives me nuts so I tune her out, but this looks like a good idea. Does it really take up less space?

  2. 15 years! wow ive been married for 1 year and im already nagging my hubby about throwing away the stuff he hasnt worn since december. eventually i got tired and decided just to box everything up, and you know what! he still hasnt noticed that 70% of his clothes are not in the closet! LOL


  3. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Which is the name of tv show?

    1. I can't remember which TV show she was on - she was on so many for a while, but seems to have disappeared now!