Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First eggs

Sorry.. I haven't fallen off the edge of the world, just been every so slightly busy lately!  We had a really nice (if not very wet) time with Mum, which I will catch up on in the very near future.  But, before I forget... we got our first egg yesterday and another one today.  They are tiny (the second photo shows them with a regular egg), but apparently delicious.... my son was determined to be the first to try them - raw on rice.  Not my favorite taste, but I guess at least we know they are fresh.  Here's hoping they continue to lay through the heat of summer and we can start having egg surpluses again.  If my calculations are correct they started laying at 112 days old.

On a completely different note.. I had another of those "am I really living on the same planet as these people" kind of moments the other day.  We had called in at a bread shop that a fellow kiwi had told me about - way off in the wopwops.  As my mother and I walked into the shop the lady seemed pretty surprised and commented that it was the first time that she had had a foreigner in her shop.  I was a little surprised by this as my friend had made it sound like she went there relatively frequently, so I said that my friend had recommended it and that I thought she had been a few times.  "Oh" she said - "do you mean the New Zealander from Kunimi?"  Yes...  "Oh she comes in all the time".  She then proceeded to go and get one of the french bread rolls and gave it to me for free because that is what "the New Zealander from Kunimi" always buys....  Katy, I guess even if your husband thinks you will never be "Japanese" enough - the bread shop lady doesn't consider you a foreigner!


  1. LOL - thats awesome.
    Must be two foreigners at once - just that little more foreign you know - especially as your mum would have been talking English, which we all know is a sure sign you're a real foreigner. Nearly went there today but decided would probably pop in on way back from Beppu tomorrow. If you are going to be home around lunch time (Thursday) could I pop in for a cuppa?

  2. ROTFL! how funny!

  3. Yeah for your chookies and love the not foreign foreigner thing!