Thursday, August 09, 2012

Almost away....

There are piles appearing on the floor, lists are being made, menus planned, slabs of ice being made, and if all goes well we should be off for our summer camping expedition tomorrow afternoon.  We even managed to put the tent up on the back lawn a couple of days ago to give it a good airing before we have to sleep in it.  I'm sure if we went more often it wouldn't be quite so stressful getting out the door, but there always seem to be so many things that no one thinks of till the last minute.  The biggest problem we have is that we are planning to go back to a great spot that we found a couple of years ago that is so nice and quiet and isolated that there are NO shops anywhere nearby.  Which means menu planning becomes quite ice doesn't stay solid forever!  Fortunately Japan has pretty good curry-in-a-bag which works well on the last night.  There is a roast chicken cooling on the bench to take for tomorrow night (which will then be thrown into bread rolls the next day for lunch) and I think we are heading towards spaghetti, salad and soup for the second night.  Unless of course anyone out there has a great, easy suggestion for a delicious camping meal.
So, there won't be any posts for the next few days.  Hopefully we will be back Monday night with both children.... they have been fighting a bit too much lately and I'm a bit worried that we might opt to leave one (or two) of them behind!  Hope all of you here in Japan are getting to have a slight break in the holidays...


  1. Have a wonderful time! : )

  2. No breaks for us. I'll be off work for the next five days, but only to work on the house. Erika will be busy with the garden and cleaning here, there, and everywhere. We experienced holiday traffic once and that was enough to convince us to stay put for the holidays. Besides, Tsukahara is a place that people go to for the holidays. Enjoy looks like a great place to visit!

  3. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I know this will seem to be a random question here but your blog keeps coming up when I google "gymnastics" in sasebo so I read through some of your post and saw that you might be able to answer my question. We are new to the area and my 5 year old daughter was in Lacrosse and gymnastics in the states so I would like to keep her involved in something here. I was assuming that gymnastics would be the easy choice but have had no luck in my searches. Did you find a gymnastics place, could you give/share the info? We are navy and they do not offer it on base so that is not an option. Thanks in advance for any info you might have. oh, I love reading through your post! R

  4. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Without further evidence, I am finding it difficult to believe you went away at all....