Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Bucket of flowers

Today's loot before putting into vases

Terrible photos, but just to show that the flowers I am picking every day are increasing... and increasing.... and increasing!  The problem is that if I don't pick them they will stop producing, so I feel the need to pick them every day.  There are many more kinds that are also flowering, but there is a limit to the number I can deal with each day.  If the typhoon like winds that we are having right now don't blow them all away I'm thinking I will be asking every one who comes to stay to bring me a new vase this year! 


  1. Looking pretty good from where I'm sitting-frosty,frosty,fog and very few flowers-you keep picking!!! Vases can be on the list-make a nice change!!!

  2. Beautiful! Wish i had flowers fresh from the garden daily!

  3. really nice to have a vase of beautiful flowers to brighten the day. a pity my elder girl is afraid of bees