Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Thanks to a looooooooooong patch of dry weather the new "Guest House" is really starting to take shape. The outside walls are up and the children have been enjoying playing games after the builders go home for the day. They take a shower, go to the toilet (poo-wee) before settling down in the lounge for a break before cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Unfortunately there are no stairs for them to climb up yet to have an evening nap. Maybe next week.....
The long, hot patch of weather has also meant the rice plants have taken off and are ready to plant - although the rice fields aren't ready to have them planted in. The zucchinis are being picked in bowlfuls and if I forget to look at them for one day I have big marrows ready for jam! Fortunately my mother arrived today laiden down with kilograms of preserved ginger and dried apricots so jam production can begin again in force. I currently have four varieties in stock, which I discovered make a reasonable gift basket. Hopefully I can find some places to start stocking them and start making some pocket money!
The rest of the garden is looking..... dry. Cracks are appearing everywhere and there are zillions of lettuces are in need of a good home. I've been distributing them around the neighbourhood, but there are still a big surplus. I've discovered one thing this year..... Japanese people living in the countryside do not consider any variety other than "real" lettuce to be lettuce. This makes it a little difficult to sell! Of course those who receive them for free say they are delicious - I guess I just need to do some more educating! The first load of gherkins is in the pot soaking ready for pickling tomorrow, the onions are pulled and the potatoes are almost ready. Now all we need is rain and some extra time to sit and enjoy the progress......

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