Saturday, June 24, 2006

Slow Progress

I have heard from many people that building a house is a frustrating process. So far our experience has been the same! Actually the people who are building it for us have been really good in general - they didn't even complain when I asked to move a doorway, re-angle the stairs and build a couple of extra walls to make a window seat for me to read my books on (oops - for "guests" to read their books on....). But, the roof has been the biggest problem so far. As I've said before it is the rainy season here, but last week we had an incredible run of beautiful weather - definately enough to put the roof on! The preparations all seemed to be made, but the roofing people just never turned up. Anyway, we eventually discovered that the materials for the roof hadn't arrived yet (they are imported from America) hence the delay. And then of course after they finally did arrive it really poured with rain for a couple of days halting work again.... But, I am happy to say that today it was all action here and not only is the roof over half finished, the outside walls are also half on. The ceilings inside were also put in today so the place is really starting to look like a "house".

On a different note, the garden is definately not slowing down at the moment. The combination of lots of rain and very warm days has meant that the weeds in particular have taken off! I really need a whole week in the garden to clear them, but as I have outdoor education programs all next week and my live-in baby-sitter/weeder/vegetable collector leaves tomorrow morning I think it will be another week before I can actually attack them. Maybe I'll just get the weed-eater onto them! The tunnel house is also empty now so I really need to start preparing it to plant some more of my zillions of tomato seedlings. Any WOOFers welcome!!!
Rain, rain and more rain! The creeks have turned into rivers!

The grape vine has finally produced it's first grapes. Now if only the leaves would spread over the whole support we would be able to have some shade too.....

A small zucchini that turned a little bit too big overnight....

By the way, the sunflower at the top of the page is one of the many self-sown seedlings that I transplanted earlier this year. You may remember that I wasn't sure if they were sunflowers or zinnias..... all I can say is I'm glad I planted them at the back of the garden. They are now making a nice, very tall fence!

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