Thursday, January 11, 2007


Okay - so I have been waiting and waiting for something interesting to happen to give me something worthwhile to write about... but all I can come up with is cabbages! To some people these "cabbages" might seem a normal part of your garden, but for me I have always been intrigued as to why at this time of the year so many people here in Japan feel the need to plant cabbages in their flower pots... However this year I was given some so I have planted them as a test to see if I will actually come to like them or just have it reinforced that cabbages belong in the vegetable garden! See I told you I had nothing to write about at the moment!
At the moment I am spending most of my days trying to get the garden in order (today I piled the asparagus patch high with soy bean husks) and my evenings are being spent trying to get our homepage made - not exactly an easy task considering how computer competent I am.... I am also starting to work on some ways to build a network for hosting overseas visitors with local families here (as well as with us of course..) but the red tape involved here is a little overwhelming! As long as the host families are involved in agriculture or have 6 rooms to spare they can apply for a permit to host people, but as far as I can tell if you just want to have someone come and stay in your spare room and receive money from them it is not officially possible. Maybe I will just have to work out a donation system! If anyone from Japan is reading this and has any more information regarding this problem or is interested in hosting overseas visitors please let me know.
Another booking is in for the end of the this month so hopefully things will start to pick up more and more by spring. Thanks Mickey!
For anyone who wants to read of someone having slightly more adventures than I am at the moment please have a browse on Rob Thomson's site again. That's right - he's the crazy guy from New Zealand who is biking from Korea to England. As you can see from the photo he is facing temperatures around minus 23 degrees at the moment in Turkey. His site is: 14 degrees
Click on the blog tab on his site to check his progress.

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