Monday, January 29, 2007

Wildfood festival rival

In New Zealand there is a special festival called the "Wildfoods Festival" which is held every year in a town called Hokitika. It features many "wild foods" such as huhu grubs, fish eyes, grasshoppers etc. that you can try and has now become a very big event (anyone interested in reading more about it please click on this link: food festival)
The reason I mention this festival is because I think I might be able to start a rival festival here in Japan soon. Today I went leaf gathering again and along with huge piles of leaves I also found many many big grub thingies which look perfect for putting onto a skewer, barbequing and selling to someone in need of a challenge in their life! The photo doesn't really convey the size of the grubs, but believe me they are big! I later discovered that they turn into stag beetles (like the one in the picture) - a common pet for children here..... strange, but true! Maybe I should start breeding them to give away as gifts to visitors!

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