Friday, January 26, 2007

A growing trend

Tonight we have a man staying in the cottage who is part of a growing trend. He is one of the "baby boomers" who has lived his whole life in a big city and is now looking to retire to the countryside (who wouldn't!). He has come to find the perfect place to live so is going around different towns looking at what they have to offer.
The number of people doing this kind of thing has grown so much here lately that there are now organisations set up to help these people find properties etc. Some people are trying to make big money out of them, while others are trying to attract them to their area to help boost the economy and also improve the atmosphere of their towns etc. Either way, those entering retirement now are seen as a huge market in Japan. I wonder if we can attract a few more to the cottage for weekday stays......
Anyone living in Japan who is interested in reading how one NPO is trying to attract these baby boomers to Oita please check out this link to the "Oita Yuki" hompage.

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