Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Communicating without words

Last night we had a group of 5 ladies come to stay with us. Actually they were part of a group of 24 adults visiting from Korea to study about agriculture in Japan. They didn't arrive until 8:30pm and were asleep by 9:30pm so the evening entertainment mainly consisted of trying to work out what kind of agriculture they were involved in and where they came from in Korea. As you may have guessed their Japanese was just as limited as their English - which was non-existant! It reminded me a lot of how I spent my first months here in Japan - sign language and laughter!
This morning I was left on my own with them to eat breakfast and get them to their pick up point by 9am. I think we all survived well, although I'm glad we didn't have the whole day together!
On Saturday night we have a family of 5 coming to stay who are Japanese, but would like to speak some English together. Here's hoping the conversation flows a little more than it did today!

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