Monday, June 11, 2007

You know you have lived here too long when...

As the weather warms up more and more of my little slithery friends start appearing. Until now every time I have seen a snake I have jumped up, ran away and not gone near the area that I saw it in for about a week. Recently however I have started to become more interested in them and rather than moving away I will often move a little closer to see what it is up to. I think that maybe we could become friends - well at least companions - anything that eats mice has to be good!
Every day lately I seem to see a different kind of snake. Some of them have really beautiful patterns on their skin if you look closely. One website I found listed at least 30 different kinds of snakes in Japan. Most of them are harmless, but the one to watch out for here is the one in this photo (don't worry, I didn't take it!). It is called the "mamushi" or viper and it is poisonous - although not so bad that you are likely to die from it. Apparently you can tell it by its unusual triangular shaped head - if you are brave enough to stare it in the eye! I like the comment on one website I found.....
You may be subject to an attack by a snake if you have touched fishes or frogs, as they will smell it and may mistake your fingers with a possible "meal".
I guess maybe I will need to choose between my frog friends and my snake friends!

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