Friday, June 01, 2007

New Season

Today is June 1st. This means that everyone can officially change into short sleeved shirts (despite the fact that it has been over 30 degrees many times already this year). I won't go into this aspect of Japanese society, but I it makes me laugh every year....
Just in case some of you thought I had given up on the agricultural side of things in favour of being a tourist guide... I haven't! In fact right now (despite the lack of rain) the garden is starting to look really good - very few weeds (well less than last year...) and lots of produce starting to come ready. Last year I wasn't able to plant anything in the tunnel house until after the rice was planted, but this year I have been able to get in early and it has been incredible to watch the difference in the speed in which things grow in the house compared to in the field.
A group of friends from Oita city has asked me to start a mail order vegetable service for them - supplying them with whatever is in the garden at the time. This is becoming quite popular here now and I think I will play around with the idea this year and if it works out okay I may pursue it a little more seriously next year. Having eaten my peas raw in salad today I can't imagine why anyone would want to buy the tasteless ones in the shop - fresh and natural is definatley sweeter!

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  1. those tomatoes have exploded!! No weeds indeed. But a bloody good tourist guide too Jo. Thanx. Dad