Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kiwi Resort in Rural Japan

The "slogan" for Kiora Cottage is "A taste of New Zealand in Rural Japan" - aimed at giving Japanese people a chance to experience some kiwi culture here in Japan. However, this year I'm thinking about changing it to "A retreat for New Zealanders in Rural Japan". There are a number of family visitors due this year (and of course already gone home) and the other day we also had a visitor from Auckland who was part of the "Bike and Hike Tours" that a different Joe runs near here. Of course it is a great thing to have many kiwis here and to see their eyes light up as you produce a big piece of homemade bread and a jar of vegemite for breakfast. Somehow the fish, eggs, seaweed, miso soup and rice breakfasts loose their appeal for most visitors to Japan after the first or second day!

Apart from that I am busy trying to fill in the school holidays with my daughter... 44 days in total. Just to let you know some of the differences which frustrate me most between school holidays here and New Zealand ......(relating to primary schools)
  1. The children are giving HUGE amounts of homework which needs to be done every day and therefore there is limited time for playing
  2. The school enforces a rule that children may not leave the house until 10am and must start going home by 5pm - the parent's aren't allowed to make this rule
  3. The school also has a huge list of rules which dictates what the students may do in the holidays and what they may not do - I asked the teacher directly "what is my responsibility as a parent"? I got a mumbled response!
  4. The school pool is open between 10:30am and 12pm and the parents take turns to look after the children during this time. This is a welcome break even though I have to take her there and back each day. Even one hour of free time is a blessing though!

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