Saturday, August 04, 2007

Perfect timing

A few days ago (sorry I have been a little slack about updating lately...) we had a really nice family come and stay at the cottage for 2 nights. They had lived in America for 2 years and so the daughter could speak really good English and seemed to enjoy playing and reading together in English. Of course they played a lot in Japanese too, but it was really good to have a friend for my daughter to play with during her long summer holidays..... It was also good having them here for 2 nights as it meant we could go to the cool river pool near our waterfall, pick lots of vegetables in the garden, do baking, hunt for creepy-crawlies in the river etc.
They seem to be a family that has exceptional luck... They were originally booked in for one day later than they came - fortunate as the day they left we were hit full force with a typhoon. The train they had booked home was also the last to run that day.... the rest stopped because of the typhoon. I hope they bought a lottery ticket!
The areas around here made national headlines regarding typhoon damage, with rivers causing huge damage and people being evacuated etc. Fortunately our house (and bees!) seem to have been unaffected and the summer heat has returned. Long may it last!

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