Sunday, July 29, 2007

Other side of the moon

I am not an expert on the way the universe works.... I know that when it is summer here in Japan it is winter in New Zealand, when the water goes down the sink in a circular motion in Japan it goes in the opposite direction to that in New Zealand, and when you build a house in Japan it should face south for the best sun, rather than north as it does in New Zealand (or have I got it around the wrong way again.....). Apart from that I am pretty much lost as to how things work. However, one thing that I have discovered is that no matter where you are the moon is full on the same day (well at least it is in Japan and NZ!). Tonight there is a beautiful full moon here and my NZ calendar tells me it is also a full moon in NZ. Just thought you'd like to know that... better than complaining to you about the heat again anyway!
Now I just have to work out whether the quarter moons etc. face the same direction or not.... maybe I could take off in my son's birthday cake to find out. Somehow it managed to stand up long enough to take a photo.... (it is a rocket, just in case anyone is wondering!).


  1. The Brother7:13 PM

    When you're trying to work out if they look the same, don't forget to take into account whether you're standing on your head at the time...


  2. Anonymous7:15 PM