Monday, July 09, 2007


I mentioned in a previous post that there are "snails" which become a problem in the rice fields. As it is STILL raining and I have nothing better to write about I thought I'd show you a picture of them. The red balls are the eggs and as you can see they attach themselves to the rice plants and as far as I can tell the eggs are not a problem in themselves. Of course once they hatch out it is a different story! I'm not exactly sure what the snails do, but from what I can tell they enjoy munching on the rice plants - not the nicest thing to do really! So every day at the moment my father-in-law is out scooping them out of the rice fields. Fortunately this year he seems to have given up on throwing them onto the road for the next car to crush them - the smell last year was incredible!

On a slightly better note I managed to get about 10kg of yellow plums in the weekend from a relative so we now have some great plum jam. Any orders welcome!

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  1. The Brother12:40 AM

    At least they don't make much of an effort to hide!!