Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Over the past two days we have had two different sets of visitors. The first was another group of Koreans who were part of a bigger group that was billeted out to different houses in Yamaga. After the last experience of Koreans speaking no English or Japanese the children tried very hard to learn a little Korean... succeeding with "hello" and "thank you". Now they are saying it continuously and driving me crazy! Fortunately this time a few of the members spoke reasonable English so we could at least communicate the basics.

The next night a Canadian couple came to stay as part of their bike and hike tour with Joe. Fortunately the weather was great so I could get all the sheets washed and the blankets and futons aired out in between the visitors. I have discovered that the upstairs windows make a great sunning place for the heavy futons. Better than dragging them downstairs to hang them out!
Great weather also meant that we were able to eat dinner outside - tempura made from all the vegetables from the garden. I've just discovered that they are coming back to stay tomorrow night too after a nasty run in with a jelly fish today....

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