Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer heat

Record temperatures are being recorded every day all over Japan at the moment. It is definately one of the hottest, driest summers that I have experienced, but we are finding ways to keep cool! This morning we broke two "school holiday rules" and went for a bike ride. Rule one... we left the house at about 9:15am - rather than waiting until 10am. Rule two... we went biking on the main road - something that is not allowed according to the rules. But, we stuck to the footpaths and I was walking so it wasn't exactly race speed! The kids did really well and made it all the way to the convenience store (about a km or so away) after posting their letters on the way. The lure of an iceblock kept their little legs moving!
On the way back we were able to take advantage of the water for the rice fields to have a quick shower - a big must after a sweaty morning!
I have also been avoiding the heat by getting into the garden early in the morning - 6am to 8am seems to be the coolest time. I managed it this morning, but I'm not sure how long it will last!

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