Monday, September 24, 2007

Benefits of having 2 kitchens

My major plan for today was to clean our house and clean the cottage in preparation for my aunty and uncle's arrival tomorrow night. However.... we went on a honey hunt instead and ended up spending the entire day (and half the night) extracting honey. The little community center just near our house has bees pouring out of the basement vents all the time so we decided to remove them - and the honey! It turned out there were two big hives and although we removed them all I'm sure they will make another hive in there soon. We managed to buy a couple of reasonable sized compost buckets that have the tap on the bottom so after cutting all the comb up it was first put into a big seive at the top and then filtered through a pair of stockings and into the jars. The stocking filter seems to take a long time, but it definately makes a big difference - removing all the unwanted pollen and little bugs that have made it through the first sieve.
If my calculations are correct I bottled up almost 10kg of honey today and there is still a lot more that will filter down over the next couple of days. Not too bad for a first attempt!
Hopefully tomorrow I will finally get onto the cleaning.... after bottling a little more honey of course!

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