Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pizza oven

In the last post I mentioned that we had helped to make a pizza oven... unfortunately not at our house! Today we tested it out for the first time and although there are still a few problems with getting it up to the proper heat we managed to make some pretty good pizzas, foccaccia and vegetable skewers on rosemary stalks. I was in charge of the menu, although I must admit the breadmaker did most of the hard work for me!
Now all we need to do is keep looking at all the problems that there are with this one so we can make a perfect one at our house.....
Of course the cost is also pretty big, so I'm thinking about getting people to sponsor bricks! You can have your own personal brick in our pizza oven and unlimited use of the oven (well within reason) for a small fee. Any takers please contact me!

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  1. Mickey10:56 PM

    Perhaps I random read in the last post.