Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good sports

Today Beth and Terry gained full marks for being good sports. I had to do some teaching at a primary school and so they came along for the morning (they weren't really given too much of a choice to be honest!). After coping with the lovely slippers (not too much fun for climbing up and down stairs) they managed to introduce themselves 16 times - once to each student with the standard "Hello, my name is .... Nice to meet you" set phrase and play a few games relating to fruit before heading to the classroom for lunch. Now not everyone who comes to visit gets to experience school lunch.... I'm not sure if they were "lucky" or not! There is nothing more relaxing than trying to eat slippery noodles with slippery chopsticks in a class of little midgets - one of whom just couldn't come to grips with the fact that Terry couldn't actually speak any Japanese. He told him his whole life story in Japanese while slurping as loudly as he could!
After lunch there were more fun and games when they got to play tag with the entire school (about 26 students in total), but where they had no idea of the rules and then play hide and seek with the entire school where everyone could hide anywhere they liked in the entire school. Unfortunately they were first found so they also had to be the seekers in the second round!

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