Sunday, October 14, 2007

Space World

Beth has spent the last 2 months or so travelling around South-East Asia so is not so interested in going to lots and lots more temples and shrines and doing a whole lot of sightseeing. So it being Sunday we took off on the train to "Space World", a theme park about an hour or so north of here by train. No temples or shrines in sight, but plenty of new fashion items, smiling characters (gotta love Lucky Rabbit and Vicky Rabbit!) and of course roller coasters! Even the kids enjoyed some this time - doing the splash mountain kind of one twice and laughing their heads off on some of the other ones. Beth managed to go on some of the "scarier" ones by herself, but did finally say no to the one that had a rather long vertical drop with a triple twist!
It was great to have a day of fun with the kids (I'm not really sure who were the biggest kids!) and nice to be able to take the efficient, clean train rather than the dirty, slow car!
Anyone interested in finding out more about the park please look at the following link: Space World
The only real disappointment of the day was the "parade" which featured 3 (yes that's right only 3) floats!

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