Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hives and different hives....

Today started out with finding another swarm of bees that had decided to take off and land on my hanging basket - again. I had been thinking of taking the basket away lately, but it seems to be a popular spot for the bee swarms so I think it will have to stay there until it rots away! They are currently in a bag in the garage and hopefully we will get around to getting them into their new hive tomorrow....
A few days ago I also discovered a new kind of "hives" - the itchy kind! I have never experienced anything so annoying in my life! For anyone (like myself) who doesn't know anything about them they are basically extremely itchy patches of skin that come up in different places on your body at different times of the day and drive you completely insane! The doctor informed me (and was backed up by internet research) that they come up as part of an allergic reaction to something I have eaten or touched… haven’t worked out what yet! The first day it got me quite worried because I went to bed as usual, but woke up in the middle of the night completely covered in them – only to discover they had disappeared in the morning so I couldn’t show them to anyone. Same thing the next night, but then they started coming up in the daytime too so at least I could get some sympathy and input into what they could possibly be. I’m hoping they will clear up in a few days, but the chronic ones can continue for up to 6 weeks…..I won't thrill you with a photo of them - not good viewing before meals!

Apart from hives today was focused on mountains. We headed back up the ski lift to Rakanji temple and yet again had a really nice time wandering around with only a couple of other people. I think Beth and Terry found it very relaxing after the crowds at Kyoto!
We got home quite early so Beth and Terry decided to head up the mountain behind our house. Unfortunately they didn't even get to the start of the track as they were greeted by a big dog that didn't want to move over for them on the road.... they spent the afternoon relaxing in the cottage instead!

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