Thursday, February 14, 2008

Auction day

I'm sure there is a saying about one person's junk being another person's treasure and that is very much alive and well in Dunedin! My mother and her partner run an auction rooms and Wednesday is auction day so I went and helped them out (or hindered them....) yesterday. I found it really interesting to watch the types of people there - lots of regulars, but also a lot of people who were there for their first time and having a great time bidding on other people's junk.
The previous day I also helped with packing up and labeling a whole house lot of things from a family who had chosen to auction all their family's items and then bid on the goods themselves after their mother was admitted to hospital. This means that there should be no fighting over who gets what and what the value of the individual items are - in theory! I found it quite sad watching the entire house being packed up.... so many treasures to the family that may not be worth much to other people.

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