Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dunedin traditions

Dunedin is a city of Scottish origins and is therefore often host to pipeband competitions. Today just happened to be one of those so we stopped to watch for a bit - the real highlight being one piper who wanted to be able to hear his own playing so much (bagpipes are rather loud...) that he shut himself in a phone box!
As I think I mentioned before Dunedin is also home to some amazing buildings - in fact the railway station is the second most photographed building in the Southern Hemisphere (the Sydney Opera House being the most photographed). This is a fact I learned at the most delicious building in the Southern Hemisphere - the Cadbury chocolate factory! Every time we come to Dunedin we seem to go on the factory tour and it is always a delicious experience for all involved. The smell alone is pretty good, but the samples you get along the way fill the stomach a little better! Mind you it is pretty scary to think that the factory produces about 30 million easter eggs every year.... all of which are consumed in one week in New Zealand! That's right an average of just under 10 easter eggs for every single person in New Zealand each year.... no wonder the average body size is increasing each year!

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