Friday, June 26, 2009

10 in one day!

Sometimes I wonder if we didn't make our cottage too comfortable. Last night my second meeting for the day started in the cottage at 7:30pm and by midnight I had to force the people to leave... time just flies when people are having "fun"! I think I might replace the chairs with very hard ones.....
One of our biggest worries with our chickens was that they were going to be eaten by wild animals. So far we have had no real worries on that front. Last night we all forgot to lock the chickens in at night and still they stayed safe (unlike a fellow farmer in Japan, Kevin: warning pictures are graphic!). We have been having great success with eggs too. Yesterday we were all very excited to discover that all 10 hens had laid and that they had all laid in the nesting boxes. They were all mixed up too so the white and brown hens finally seem to be making friends and so we no longer have to separate food etc. The white hens are making up for their first efforts too and our now producing eggs that rival the brown ones. I think the time has come to get some more regular customers!
In other updates.. all the fish, apart from one cleaning fish, have died. We now have a huge tank with a noisy filter running for one tiny fish. Perhaps this weekend we will need to go shopping! The "we'll bring you all the happiness in the world" swallows also seem to have disappeared. I'm not sure why, but I half suspect my husband... he wasn't too impressed with them from the beginning! Fortunately there are plenty of other birds around to keep us company. I need to get the bird songs CD out to work out what some of them are.
And the update you have all been waiting for...... I have been back to the kindergarten twice since I was poked up the bottom and I am happy to report that I have had no more fingers put in inappropriate places. I did catch one of them doing it to their friends though and managed to give them such an evil look I doubt they will be doing it again soon. I think I should get a medal for "internationalisation"!


  1. Congrats on the eggs! As follow up, the chickens are too afraid to even come out of their coop now. I leave the door open when I am within sight (near the window) but they still wont come out. Must have been a traumatic incident.

  2. Oh my, I should not have clicked on that link! As much as I love fresh eggs, I could not deal with that kind of aftermath... Kevin, much respect!

  3. Just as long as you leave the breastfeeding rocking chair in the cottage for my runaway weekends!!