Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Realizing dreams

Sunday was my husband's birthday (thanks Fi for the message.....) and although we didn't really have any plans we decided to leave the house for the day and go driving. It turned out to be a day of visiting people who had already realized their dreams or were in the first stages of doing so. Our first pit stop was at our friend Uncle Tom's new restaurant. He is opening a takeaway business (unfortunately curry and chicken, not fish and chips!) and in typical Uncle Tom style he is using the "just do it" style rather than the "let's plan and then do it style". It will be interesting to see how long it lasts... it made me think more about how much I would like to start a cafe kind of thing here too though... hopefully one day that dream will be realized without the need to win the lottery first! Any investors welcome.....
After a brief stop at the Japanese version of Hawaii for the kids to have a bit of a play we drove on and visited a cheese factory that is run by a man and his wife in the middle of nowhere and a honey shop that has recently been started by a young man near(ish) here. I really like seeing people starting "specialist" businesses and succeeding here. Japan is very much a "trend following" country where people crowd to one place to buy the "in" food etc., but then quickly lose interest in it and move onto the next fad so it was refreshing to spend time at places where people are not interested in that kind of thing, but just want to make enough money to "survive" and are doing something they love. Maybe one day......


  1. I'm with you on the dreams. There's a couple who moved to this area from Tokyo, did up an old farmhouse and make bread in their homemade woodfired oven. I love the adventurous spirit and the courage- and the bread!

    But for me? Hmm, I think the life of a cheerleader to other people's dreams suits me better!

  2. I like people living out their dreams as well. It does the heart good knowing people are out there giving it a go like that. Doing something they love, it is very refreshing. I completely agree. : )