Friday, June 12, 2009

End of a busy week

Thursday was one of those days when you don't care what kind of a pillow you have - even those filled with beans!
My day started off with me running a program for 37 mothers and their toddlers... in other words chaos! I can't understand why I say I will do the program, but every year.... I find myself in the same room with different mothers and different children, but exactly the same chaos! Unfortunately this year they think I will be doing the program three times....
At about the same time that I arrived home my husband was collecting our latest group of six boys. As much as I was really dreading their arrival they turned out to be a really nice group and it was almost sad to say goodbye to them today. They timed in nicely with Jichan allowing them to play in the muddy rice fields and drive the tractor. A little break from the regular potato digging, chicken feeding, muffin making, pizza making, cultivating, firefly watching, wood chopping etc.
Today I dropped them off and went to collect a different kind of "guest". Our one week old friend, Ryu, has come to stay for a couple of nights. His mother was due to leave hospital today, but her two younger children have been throwing up for the last two days and rather than risking the newborn catching the same thing she has come to relax here for a bit. My daughter in particular is very impressed, but despite her pleas and how nice and cuddly he is we are not planning on increasing our family in the near or far future!


  1. 37???? Good lord!!! I hope the goals for the class are low!

    And ohhhhh!!! That is the cutest picture of Ryu... deep in thought... Poor M and S (and Daddy and Granny K) but lucky lucky you guys playing host to a baby and a fun woman. :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  2. What a kind woman you are, providing shelter in a storm of vomit! Not a hardship when you see that sweet little floppy thing. Give his neck a good sniff from me. I miss the newborn scent!

    What a busy week you've had. Just reading about it makes me want to go to bed.

    I am wondering what to do about the undokai tomorrow. As of 10:30pm it is PISSING down with rain as it has been nearly non-stop for three days. The weather forecast stands at 70% rain chance tommorrow. If I DON'T get ready however, it's going to be brilliant sunshine. Grrr.

  3. What a busy busy week. But what an awesome picture of Ryu, he looks so sweet and cuddly! : ) Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Oh I'm so jealous, you get to cuddle him all day!

  5. oh, isn't he the most adorable baby!!

  6. Anonymous9:37 PM

    What a cute little bub! I am digging his blue sleeper I just love embroidered one pieces. Doesn't it seem as soon as the busy week as ended, the weekend comes around but that seems busy too?

  7. keppechan1:58 PM


  8. 37 WOAH! You must enjoy it deep down though otherwise you would of stopped before now! It kind of sounds like fun, although I can imagine how exhausting it is!

    Lucky you to get K and Ryu for a couple of days!