Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Classes

Justify FullOne of the reasons I haven't been updating my blog as much as I should be is that from April I started teaching 11 different English classes - some continuations from last year, but mostly completely new classes. I always seem to spend far too much time preparing and then doing something completely different during the classes....
The standard reaction from new children when I start teaching them is "why do you have blue eyes?". My standard response is "why do you have brown eyes?" - to which they look at me as if I am from Mars.
This year I have had two new reactions - the first was from a kindergarten child who stared at me with huge eyes and said "WOW - you have such a tiny face, and such a BIG body!". Honesty is great for the self esteem.... The second was from another kindergarten child who commented on my blue eyes and then proceeded to ask me if I could actually see out of blue eyes.... I guess internationalisation hasn't fully hit the countryside here!
On a completely different note, the chicks are all still growing at an amazing rate and my children are enjoying playing with them every day. We also just had a phone call asking if we want a goat.... can't wait to start a petting zoo!


  1. Two cute chickies in that photo!

    I have green eyes but I am OFTEN earnestly assured that I have blue eyes. Apparently in this world there are two eye colours. Brown, and blue. So even if my eyes look green, they cannot possibly be. Maybe this is the same syndrome as the red sun in kindergartener's pictures, or the "blue" traffic lights....

  2. The chicks are growing at lightning speeds. I can't get over how much they've grown in just this short time. And I agree with Vicky you're daughter is a real cutie pie!

    Good grief at those kid comments. They really do say the darndest things sometimes don't they? ; )

  3. Hi Jo, I commented earlier on here, but then I went and clicked a button and I don't see my comment anymore. I must have done something to it. Gomen gomen.

    And now I forgot what I said. Doesn't that take the cake.; )

    I think I said. The chicks are growing at lightning speed. And then said, agreeing with Vicky your daughter is a cutie pie. : )

    And then said something like..."kids say the darnedst things"

    Sorry I evaporated my comment.: )

  4. I was once asked by a kid if I could smell super well because of my "tall" nose!

    Kids are funny huh?

    Sounds as if you have been VERY busy with the classes and working. I am starting to look for some mama/baby class work even if I have to do it at my apartment as long as no one minds if I have my baby with me!

  5. Having a small face got me through three pregnancies - lots of no, you can't have put on much weight your face is so small comments. Yet to be teamed with the big body comment.

    I'm glad you can see out those eyes. Although am quite happy to make on coffee on next visit if you are having poor visibility.