Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring visitors

Spring has almost been and gone... unfortunately one of the joys of the countryside of Japan in this season is the appearance of these beautiful beasts. There are some years when we see virtually none, and then others when you come home and open the doors to let some fresh air inside and you discover a huge one like this on the INSIDE of the screen door.... yuck, yuck and more yuck! The children have been warned to check their shoes before putting them on each day and chances of me sleeping on the sofa in the very near future are very slim as this was discovered on the door by the sofa! For anyone unfamiliar with these beasts they are centipedes and their bite is not at all pleasant... as I found out one year when I pulled on my trousers that I had been drying outside and was unpleasantly surprised!
We may need to invest in some kind of repellent before various members of my family arrive at the start of next month....


  1. Holy shit and many more obscenities. That photo makes it look absolutely huge. Is it still a live at this stage or have you sprayed it away to mukade heaven?

    We put that white powerder stuff round most of the house last week. might go by another bottle and puff some more on.

    I was going to ask when another good time is to come for a cuppa but perhaps I can wait till Autumn.

  2. Anonymous9:37 PM

    oooh...i was just watching a video of those serendipitous! how big is that creepy fellow?

  3. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Repellent sounds a very good idea! - recommendation from one of next month's visitors!

  4. LOL at what the GW said! ; )

    We usually powder repellent a big circle around our house as well. But we saw a huge one on the cement where our car area is, a couple years back. That mukade was so huge and his pinchers so big. Just like the big one in your pic. It sent shivers down my spine.

    PS, Jo, I saw my first snake of the season last Thursday. I was driving down the road, he was slithering in the middle of the road, probably trying to soak up some sun/warmth? I swerved so I wouldn't hit him. Though I am not fond of snakes at all, I wouldn't wanna run one over. ; )

  5. Brother Mike5:12 PM

    Will all of you please stop!! Please!

    We've still got time to change our tickets and head somewhere where there are less insects and snakes!

    Jo, tell us they've gone!

  6. ewwww! Thankfully I have never seen one of those around here. Think I would definitely be less keen on gardening if I had to share my space with stinging centipedes!