Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trip away

This weekend we had a date with Nathan and Megan to go camping. I had managed to convince the in-laws that they would be able to cope without us for the annual rice seed planting conveyor belt so we were all set... the only problem was that the weather forecast was for rain, rain and more rain. I was determined to go though so managed to find us a cabin to stay in on top of the biggest caves in Japan - Akiyoshido. We started the trip by walking underneath the ocean between Kyushu and Honshu islands - well actually Megan, Nathan and the kids did - I drove through a different tunnel and then met them on the other side! Next were the caves and then games, games and more games while we listened to the torrential rain all night. Thoughts of perhaps venturing to a castle town nearby, or even as far as Hiroshima were thrown out the window in the morning when the rain was still coming down and the thought of spending more time than absolutely necessary with the kids in the car meant we came home early and had a very lazy afternoon! Unfortunately my camera's batteries weren't charged so I don't have many photos... I'm sure if you check on Megan and Nathan's blog in the next few days they will have some good cave photos up. A good outing for a very rainy day!
The chickens seem to have grown a few more centimeters in the 2 days we were away and are now getting lots of their feathers, starting to perch and a few are even getting their combs. Of course they are also eating more, making more noise and making more poos! I can see yet another change of house will be necessary in the next few weeks.


  1. neat! Please post more pictures if you have them!!

  2. しっかり行けてよかった!!

  3. I think camping sounds like fun! I used to camp in the states quite a bit growing up. But would you believe we have not camped not 1 time since we've been in Japan? I really would love to go.

    The cabin sounds like fun.

    Goodness those little chickies aren't quite so little anymore are they? ; )