Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Need to catch up....

I have so many entries that I need to catch up on that I am going to do a "must blog every day for two weeks" thing again to try and catch up..  I have been really busy lately and things don't look like they are going to slow down for a few more weeks (or months!) so I need to get myself motivated to go through the camera and blog about what has been happening before everything is deleted by mistake.... or the computer decides to die again - like it did 2 days ago!
The main reason I have been so busy lately is because I spent 10 days showing a group of New Zealanders the "real Japan" - in our area and then a bit of touristy stuff in Hiroshima and Kyoto.  I'll start updating that tomorrow, but for tonight here is a quick look at my favorite part of my garden in this season - the front garden (and probably the only part of the garden which is almost weed free right now....).  It is a bit hard to capture it on camera, but the grasses and ferns etc. are finally starting to grow well and will hopefully fill up lots of the spaces in the next few years.  I'm hoping it will become a garden that only needs maintaining every year rather than replanting.  
This garden was "reformed" in 2008... you can see the difference from this post: Garden reform part 1

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  1. Your front garden is gorgeous! The flowers, the grass, just all of it. Really really nice! : )