Thursday, April 05, 2012

Surprise win

Japan has wonderful courier companies that make getting things delivered in the countryside a breeze. I often come home to an "undeliverable" notice telling me that they tried to deliver something, but no one was home so when would I like them to come again. I generally know what is in the packages that arrive as they are generally ones that I have ordered, but the other day one arrived that had me really puzzled. It was addressed to me, but from a sender I didn't recognise at all. When I opened it I discovered 7 packets of food things.... and was still a little confused. I eventually found the postcard that was in with it and realised that I had won a competition that I entered on the spur of the moment in February.
I can never be bothered collecting all the stickers and things that are needed for these competitions and even if I do enter I never win... so never usually bother, but.... back in February when we had the school bazaar we had to make lots and lots and lots of flavoured rice, which happened to use packets that happened to have a competition running at the time. So I threw a few stickers on some postcards and sent them off... and they sent them back - with lots of food to add to the fun! Perhaps I should enter them more often......

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