Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sometimes it just clicks

A little out of date, but... this year Easter Bunny arrived again.  For anyone who wants a history lesson, Easter bunny has been coming to our house for a while.  In 2007 the cottage was his hiding place, then in 2008 my mother decided to make an elaborate treasure hunt  which set the bar for the following years.   2009 provided another basic treasure hunt, followed by another one in 2010 (which I forgot to blog about) and then in  2011 Easter bunny really out did himself with series of quizzes etc.  Unfortunately Easter Bunny was a little tired this year and the result was an egg hunt in the cottage rather than all over the neighbourhood.  The children found small bags of eggs, each with a letter in them.  When they put the letters together they spelled two words which were clues to where they could find their big eggs.  Unfortunately Easter Bunny's computer was already turned off for the night when this brainwave occurred to him and therefore the letters were all handwritten... to which my daughter kept remarking "it looks just like your writing, Mum".  
The best thing about Easter this year was discovering that my daughter can actually concentrate on something for more than a few minutes if she wants to.  She was given a basket making set for Christmas and decided to make it for her Easter basket... without one bit of help from me.  She even managed to make it when all the instructions were in Chinese!  It took her over 4 hours and she didn't take one break.  Here's hoping the concentration skills continue to improve enough to fold an entire basket of washing....... Thanks Nanna D for giving me hope that she won't be a flitabout for the rest of her life!

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  1. What a pleasure to see the basket was useful and that Em made it all by herself-awesome job!
    Masaki's effort looks pretty handsome too!xx