Monday, February 24, 2014

Advent Calendar

These posts really are going all over the place... but for my own sake it is a good record of things that have happened over the last few months so please bear with me and my random photos from the camera!

For Christmas 2012 I made my first niece a "Christmas Town" advent calendar  so I wanted to make my second niece an advent calendar too (all things must be fair and even!).  As always I started it a bit late, but thanks to the unfortunate fact that I ended up off work and on the sofa for a week due to having the mumps (not a nice experience!) I managed to get it done and sent away in time for the first day of December.  All of the felt ornaments come off and one was put into each pocket for each day, along with a small treat.... most of which I think made it to my niece!  Hopefully I will be organised enough each year to get the treats to fill the pockets and have them sent away before the start of December.  Gotta love the 100 yen shop for things like this!

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  1. It is great to see it how it was suppose to look all decorated. Perhaps if you had blogged about this before Christmas we may have been able to rectify the tree with no hanging decorations! The decorations made a lovely banner on the wall though. Let's just say that next year they will make it to the tree now that we have some instructions. What silly parents your niece and nephew have!