Monday, February 17, 2014

Muscles I never knew I had

 When my daughter started junior high school she joined the volleyball team.  She had never played before, but has become a very good server very quickly.  Another girl joined at the same time and unfortunately hasn't been blessed with learning the serving technique so quickly.  After thinking about it a bit more we realised that it was probably because Emily had done a lot of swimming before starting volleyball and therefore had already developed the muscles necessary for serving before she even started.  After a big day with the axe yesterday I am thinking that if I chopped wood every day I could become a professional volleyball server - even if I was only subbed on to serve.  My muscles are telling me that they have worked very hard!  
It is the time of year again where we get our wood pile ready for the following year (or actually 2 years later).  I managed to chop enough yesterday to fill one whole row of our wood shed and today put away another rows worth.  We now have just over 4 rows full.... 2 more to go.  Fortunately my father-in-law is enjoying using the chainsaw this year... long may it last!


  1. What a machine!!! Well done. But don't tire out those muscles too much so you cannot type a new blog!

  2. Ditto. Good to hear that Emily is doing well with her serving and Jichan with his chainsawing. Positives all round