Thursday, February 27, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

Going back in time again for another random catch up post..... this time we head back to Christmas Eve.  The major thing related to Christmas in Japan is Christmas sponge cake filled with gallons of cream and topped with strawberries.   It is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve - which is one reason why half the population of Japan believes Christmas is December 24th...  I have to admit I actually quite like the cakes, but the price of them and the fact that you usually have to order them weeks in advance means we very rarely partake in this particular tradition.
This year we decided to turn a little Japanese and had a dessert party on Christmas Eve - mainly because I am always too full after a big Christmas dinner to fully appreciate dessert!  My daughter wanted a pavlova, so I made that and she decorated it.  I wanted a trifle so used a bit of cut off sponge and some poached feijoas to make a pretty delicious unique version.  The rest of the sponge was decorated in a more traditional way by my son and what Christmas spread would be complete without chocolate mousse?  To pretend we were being healthy we also had some dragonfruit.
The other thing my daughter wanted was some cake pops... I thought I had found some perfect pretzels to use for reindeer antlers, but after I opened the packet I realised they weren't exactly what I thought they were.  They tasted good, but the jury was out as to whether they looked more like a clown, a pig or what they were actually supposed to be - a reindeer!
As there were only 5 of us it meant that there was plenty left over for the next day and the next day and maybe even a little for the day after that!


  1. becca3:30 AM

    It all looks stunningly delicious! as well as cute. I would say that the antlers look very reindeer-like. What a great idea to have desserts the day before Christmas! might have to try that next year. Did you have space for xmas dinner as well?

  2. Everything looks delicious. I must confess I also really want to know how you make the pumpkin muffins. :)