Monday, March 17, 2014

A couple more running videos for the family

On Sunday we spent most of the day in the sun at the last athletics competition for the year in Saiki City.  It is close to a 2 hour drive away and we had to be there by 8:15am so it was an early start.....again!
Despite having done athletics as a child, I would have to say I am still very much in the learning phase here.  At this meet I learned all about the effect of the wind on the races.  At Sunday's meet my son broke the meet record for the 5th grade boy's 100m... well he would have if the wind had been blowing 2m/second rather than the 2.2m/second that it was at the moment he ran.  He ran his personal best - 12.90 seconds.  But, because the wind was blowing that tiny bit too hard it isn't recognised as an actual record either.  Apparently it is almost impossible to break records at that particular track as they built it on the top of a hill where the wind whips in, giving everyone a tail wind push.  You would think they would think about that a little more before building it, but obviously not.  Anyway, despite not getting any official records he still came first and most importantly got another medal for his shrine.  At least the wind can't take that away from him!


  1. He is brilliant! My son and husband watched with me and they were most impressed too. How old is he now?

    1. Hi Vicky,
      Thanks for watching... he is getting better, but more than anything he is really enjoying his running. Hopefully that will continue for some time to come.
      He is still only 11... but is now 180cm tall. He will finally be in the 6th grade from April and will turn 12 at the end of July.

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  2. Utterly stunning Masaki!!! Good job the gym, track and pool are 3 mins from home here-you'll be able to train every day!!!!

  3. Congratulations Masaki - very impressive! And congratulations Jo for transporting him to practices etc!

  4. Your son is a great runner.

    I might have been to there for taking part in a cycle event called "Tour de Saiki" on Oct. 13 last year. It is in a mountain area and sometimes wind may brow strongly there.