Sunday, March 02, 2014

Tunnel house update

I have to say I am really enjoying having the tunnel house operational.  I harvested the first real vegetables from it today - lots of mesclun salad mix and some baby spinach.  I also compared some spinach that was planted outside about 3 weeks before the tunnel house spinach.  The tunnel house spinach is miles ahead and much more tender.  Even the beans that I threw in on the off chance they might sprout have managed to germinate and will hopefully give us a few beans before it gets far too hot in there for anything to survive.
If you flick back to this post you can see how much the things have grown in there in about 2 weeks.  Today I brought in a few old desks which hopefully will help to keep a lot of the junk that is being dumped in there under control.  As soon as my finger heals I'm hoping to make at least one more garden in there too.  I could become obsessed!
Outside spinach

Inside Spinach

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