Sunday, March 09, 2014

Gotta love spring!

Despite cedar pollen still making life a bit uncomfortable, spring arriving is still a great feeling after a cold winter.  All my mini daffodils are flowering and the tunnel house is providing enough flowers to brighten up the place.  There is something nice about having a vase of flowers, no matter how small by the front door.  
In Japan the traditional cleaning times are August and December - the hottest and coldest times of the year, but fortunately my children have enough kiwi blood in them to have the "spring cleaning" bug at the moment.  They both spent most of today not just tidying, but also CLEANING their rooms.  I cleaned the windows and the light shades while they wiped down all the surfaces, including washing the floors.  The problem with having children's rooms upstairs is that the older they get, the less you go up there and therefore the less you notice just how much dust is accumulating.  Judging by the colour of the cleaning cloths and the amount of dust in the vacuum cleaner today's efforts were well overdue!

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  1. Good grief! We had six more inches of snow last night, but it's melting...