Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another mistake....

I've just spent all morning in the tunnel house and in the garden trying to sort out some of my lettuce seedlings. I have lots at different stages of development and quite a few that really need to be planted out. Unfortunately we have had so much rain lately that my new garden is like a big pile of mud..... So I spent a lot time trying to fit seedlings in between onions, silverbeet, brocolli, carrots etc. in my other garden. I am hoping that the different stages of development will allow me to harvest one in time to leave room for the other to grow. Either that or we will just have lots of very squashed vegetables!
Then at lunch time I thought I would harvest some of my zillions of chamomile flowers and try some "fresh" chamomile tea. For some reason I had the image that chamomile tea needed to be made from dried flowers, but after researching in my book I discovered that was not the case at all. So anyway, I can recommend it - not at all bitter. The only thing is that I forgot that it also said in the book that chamomile tea is very good to drink before you go to bed as it helps you to sleep...... oops! I can see that my afternoon's work outside might be replaced with a little nap on the sofa!
Here are a couple more pictures from the garden..... (the flower basket at the top is made from spring flowers from the garden).

Purple Asparagus. Unfortunately it is only in its second year so we are being brave and waiting one more year before starting to harvest it. Well that is the plan anyway!

Mike - you are definately ahead of me on the chilli stakes this year. Mine have just popped their heads up. But last year I had so many self-sown ones that I wasn't even going to bother planting them this year. Having said that I'm sure this year none will appear in the garden.....


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I am really envious of the tunnel house - and your energy.
    The only thing missing seems to be broad beans!

  2. I guess if you are talking about broad beans you must be my mother..... If you can find a recipe for "broad bean jam" I will plant some right away!