Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chamomile Power!

I have no idea whether I can fully give the credit to the chamomile or not, but.... for some reason some of the lettuce seedlings that I was about to throw away have now started to come alive again. I sprayed them with some weak chamomile tea and a day later they look like new plants! The new seedlings that I also pricked out a few days ago have been sprayed and so far (fingers crossed) also show no signs of wilting. I am not sure how often I should spray them, but as I have a plentiful supply of self-sown chamomile at the moment I figure be safe - spray every day! We are heading into a couple of rainy days again so it will be interesting to see if there is any negative change due to lack of ventilation again. I hope not!

Here are some pictures of the seedlings that have started to grow again as well as some of the many seedlings which are getting close to being put out to rough it in the big wide world of the garden. Here's hoping that make it that long!

And then of course if they do make it into the garden there are some different animals that they are going to have to contend with. Recently I've decided that coming from New Zealand I have led a very sheltered/safe life......until now! Yesterday I tried to turn the pump on by the river, only to discover a very long black snake coming out of the water straight for me. Stones, sticks, screaming didn't do anything to deter its path, therefore the plants were hand watered via the watering can. I haven't been brave enough to go and check it out again.....
The other animal that I am having huge problems with at the moment is moles. They are everywhere in our garden and as I'm sure you know love to dig tunnels. Everywhere I dig seems to collapse under me. I know that the tunnels worms dig are good for aerating the soil, but I'm not so sure about mole tunnels! This is one of the "cute" holes that I find everywhere.

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  1. Mickey9:02 PM

    Hi, Jo.

    The strawberry that you gave to me take root, ofcouse other plant too.
    Today is so hot, I took watering my garden in morning. but it dry up noon.

    My friend want to buy your carrot & Apricot jam.
    You made it!

    See you soon!