Friday, September 29, 2006

Destroying the balance of nature

Meet "Bob" and "Bertie". They have become my new best friends! I once read in an "organic farming" book that you should avoid using any machinery as it disturbs the balance within nature.... I am now sure that they were organic farming a two metre by two metre plot as opposed to my big garden! My father-in-law is away at the moment so I have had free reign of the rotary hoe. Usually he watches me and takes over after I have struggled away for about 1 minute, but today I went up and down, and up and down, and up and down the rows watching the machine do what it would take me 20 hours and buckets of sweat to do if I had to do it all by hand. I may have upset the balance of nature, but I definately had fun doing it!
Nature was again put out of balance when I started up the pump to get some water from the river. After what seemed like months of rain we are now in a drought.... but it is time to plant lots of seeds and without water they are not likely to go beyond being seeds. We are still averaging temperatures in the high 20s every day so after watering the spinach, daikon, onion seeds as much as I could I attempted to make a nifty shade cover for them to give them a chance of surviving the hot, dry weather. I know by tomorrow my father-in-law will be back and will have made me a "proper" cover, but it was fun to try!

As for me..... by the look of the size of my seedlings I think I will need to be spending all day in the tunnel house tomorrow pricking them out. Sunny, where are you when I need you!!!!

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