Saturday, September 16, 2006

Monkey Mountain

About 45 minutes drive from our house is a mountain called "Mt. Takasaki". It is home to hundreds of monkeys and for a fee you can pay to go and literally walk around with the monkeys and watch them being fed while listening to their horrible screeching. Today I discovered a better way to view monkeys - just go outside our house! That's right - today I looked out across the rice fields and saw a big monkey galloping along the road. We took chase and managed to spot it in a persimmon tree up on the hill, but it ran off into the bush as we got within photo range. Apparently it is not uncommon to see monkeys here and they are usually a lone male who has been thrown out of his group and is in search of food. It just reminded me that not only do we live in the countryside, but we live in the "wild" countryside! Last year wild boars, this year monkeys, next year.... bears????

With a typhoon due ot hit here tomorrow I spent all day yesterday trying to get the garden under control and somehow I think I have got most of the weeds out - for now! Just in case you have forgotten how overgrown it had got, here is a before and after shot - now all I need to do is plant some more things in it. Fortunately the tunnel house is starting to get full of trays of seedlings so within a month or so I should have lettuces, onions, potatoes, silverbeet etc. etc. planted among the weeds!

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