Thursday, April 03, 2008

Butterflies and circus

Our last weekend in New Zealand has been and gone and with only 2 days left here we are really counting down quickly! It will be really sad to leave here, but also good to get "home" too.
Our last weekend was filled with fun things as always. We started by going to the new butterfly house at the museum. The children had been there with school so were keen to show us all the things they had learnt about. They loved having the butterflies land on them but were also impressed with the air hockey machines in the discovery world at the entrance. I guess a balance in life is always very important!
On Sunday we all trouped off to the circus and after we resolved the issue of other children jumping up and down the metal steps very loudly beside where we were sitting (for the entire first half) we managed to enjoy some pretty good acts. Not fantastic, but still a fun afternoon out.

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