Friday, April 18, 2008

Rainy day entertainment

After some wonderful spring days the winter weather that we missed while we were in New Zealand seems to be back.... cold, wet and windy!
So when it is impossible to do anything outside what better thing to do than redo the paper windows in the tatami room. This is necessary due to the fact that they are made out of paper and we have children in our house. I'll let you work out the rest! Unfortunately it is not a completely easy process.
First you have to strip off the old paper and remove all the glue so the new paper will stick properly... fortunately there is a special paper window glue remover which helps things along a little.
Now you are left with the wooden frames...and a lot of mess on the floor.

Next is the fun bit... trying to glue the paper onto the windows so that it is as tight as possible. Not as easy as it sounds sometimes!

After cutting all the excess off (again not always as easy as it seems when you are working with soggy paper...) the windows are finished - or at least until another little child puts their fingers through them!

As soon as the rain stops and the puddles dry out enough our next project needs to be started. The chicken garden! After living with chickens wherever we went in New Zealand we have been more motivated than ever to get some of our own. This bottom garden (currently known as the weed garden) is going to be converted into a chicken garden... if all goes to plan! Any willing helpers greatly appreciated.

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  1. Birgit3:34 PM

    Hello Jo!

    Great to see that you are back safely! I tried twice to send you an email but it always came back undelivered...??? Did anything change in your adress?

    Love, Birgit