Friday, April 04, 2008

Farewells and .....

Almost all the farewells have now been said. The children had their last day at school today and both classes joined together to have a party lunch for them. The school has been absolutely fantastic so both children are really sad about leaving all their new friends and teachers. Hopefully they now have lots of penpals now though!
Unfortunately one thing put a slight damper on our last day though.... we spent all afternoon at the hospital. Emily managed to fall out of bed (while playing) last night and although the doctor at the emergency doctors last night looked at the x-rays of her very sore arm and told us there was nothing wrong I was called this morning to be told that it is in fact fractured and needs to be put in a cast for 6 weeks. Slight problem ... we leave tomorrow and you can't fly if you have a cast on. So... after a bit of problem solving she now has a temporary brace which needs to be replaced by a full arm cast when we get to Japan. Nothing like losing all the mobility in your right arm when you are right handed! At least we will be entertained at the security checks at the airport when she sets off all the machines!
Think of me over the next 30 hours or so taking my two little darlings back to Japan.....

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