Thursday, April 24, 2008

Passionfruit madness

A couple of years ago I was looking through my seed catalogue and came across passion fruit seeds. The description said "Every home should have one! " so of course I thought I should get one. Unfortunately the only problem with this is that passion fruit vines tend to die in even light frosts so the ones I planted outside all shrivelled up over the first winter. I decided I may as well throw a few of the plants into the greenhouse to see if they liked it there and... a year or so later they have gone crazy! I think there are 4 plants (I say think because I can't actually see as far as the roots so I'm not totally sure) and until today I had let them run wild all over the ground. Today I bravely stood on a rickety box and tied a net onto the roof to give them some extra space and then tried to unravel all the different vines to get them off the ground. It reminded me of someone trying to sort out a ball of wool that the cats (or children... ) had been playing with. Anyway a couple of hours later I had the start of a nice arch and there seem to be quite a lot of flowers on the vines already. Maybe this year I will have to add passion fruit jam to the range!
This morning I helped with the next stage of the sticky potato planting too... turning the piles of dirt into white slugs! Fun, fun, fun!

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