Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today was the second last day of the school holidays. It has been a long month and a half! To celebrate making it through we all went to amusement park "Space World" in KitaKyushu to play with some aliens. The aliens obviously also visit the toilets there as the "English" written there doesn't make much sense to anyone else. For anyone who has ever visited Japan this probably doesn't surprise you very much, but it is something that still frustrates me. I appreciate that there are signs in English, but sometimes I really wish they would at least get the signs translated properly. Or perhaps this sign is just another illustration of the differences between American and British English?
It was the second time we have been to Space World - the first with Aunty Beth last year and the children enjoyed knowing the things they wanted to do and even managed to go on some different rides too. Being summer getting wet wasn't such a bad thing so the water rides were well used! As fun as it is I am glad it is only a yearly outing......

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  1. Mickey11:45 PM

    Hi, Jo.
    Maybe, I think that there is the signs for some Asian country's people.
    Some Asian people don't flush the used paper. As for them, there is a custom that abandon into a trash box the paper which they used.
    Recently, a lot of Asian people come to sightseeing in Japan, but seem to tend to be troubled by the difference of the custom.
    Of course, Yufuin too.